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Creators can use Highlight to build members-only clubs that engage, connect, and reward their most loyal supporters.

Featured: Highlight

Creators can use Highlight to build members-only clubs that engage, connect, and reward their most loyal supporters. Using NFTs, memberships and benefits become tradeable assets on an open, global marketplace, with revenue splits on every sale.


Highlight simplifies NFT minting and sales and provides the creator tools, integrations, and support for community-building at scale. Instead of renting an audience from a social platform, NFTs help creators and fans build a lasting connection. They believe that digital ownership, powered by blockchains, can vastly improve how creative industries work for both creators and fans.


Highlight allows you to design the look and feel of your members-only community to achieve an aesthetic unique to your needs. Here's how Highlight is powered by ownership:

  • Your most engaged fans participate in your community’s growth by buying membership NFTs that they own.
  • Members enjoy access to a private community, gated content, and exclusive benefits.
  • Creators earn a revenue split every time memberships or benefits are bought and sold.

What we like about Highlight:

  • Your community is fully customizable
  • No-code and no crypto experience required
  • Highlight is built on Polygon, which has interoperability with OpenSea, Rarible, and other leading NFT marketplaces
  • Highlight is 100% gas free for both minting and transacting

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Video Spotlight: How This No-Code Developer Saves $700/mo. by Using Only Editor X 💻 

New tool of the week: Whalesync 🔧 

Whalesync allows you to automatically sync data across all of your no-code tools like Airtable, Webflow, and Notion. Here are some of the great features they offer:

  • As soon as your data changes, it syncs. No need for batch intervals.
  • Choose your apps and start syncing in minutes.
  • Make an update anywhere, sync it everywhere.
  • Easy to manage things like customer data, marketing campaigns, etc.

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As part of the NCD community, you already know why the no-code movement has so much traction. Aside from just being a place to have fun while speaking to like-minded individuals, no-code communities offer tons of information and tutorials, and many many individuals who share their knowledge and expertise (#buildinpublic). That's why we thoroughly enjoyed this read from Lucie Loubet on Designware. Go check it out - NCD even gets a shoutout. 

Develop DAPPs which combine traditional workflow artifacts with Deployed Ethereum (EVM) Smart Contracts. Breakdown of features:
  • Ethereum Smart Contracts - there are several million deployed and hundreds of thousands of new ones every month.
  • Ethereum DAPPs - 4,000+ deployed and dozens added monthly
  • DAPP users - 200k active daily users, growing exponentially

Trisk Web3 Process:

  1. Any deployed EVM Contract
  2. Enter key publicparameters
  3. Set up Signature,If required
  4. Submit Configuration

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