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NCD picks ✍️

  • Sign up: Building Automation-powered apps in Zapier Webinar 🚀(link)

  • WixStudio: the end-to-end web creation platform is now available for all users (link)

  • Adalo introduces Feature Templates with a database and more (link)

  • Descript rolls out several AI tools for video editing and more (link)

  • Just launched 🚀 Softr AI - build apps with a single prompt (link)

  • Airtable’s Introduction to Interface Designer webinar (link)

  • Xano raises $10M in series A funding for users to create scalable software (link)

Discover Weglot, the easiest way to translate your website without the need for code!

Social Roundup 📲 

  • Rows latest Notion integration - your databases are now in sync (link)

  • Turn any URL into a social media post in minutes (link)

  • Display your website with Relume’s updated showcase page (link)

  • Build custom apps 10x faster with Bildr (link)

  • Printful’s Growth Memberships are now available to all users (link)

New Tools 🔧

Check out the latest tools added to our NoCodeDevs.com directory!

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Learn & level-up 🎓️

  • Video 🎥 This AI tool built this entire website in minutes (link)

  • Video 🎥 Build a no-code landing page with Wix Studio (link)

  • Video 🎥 Amazon Affiliate blogging website with AI + WordPress (link)

  • Video 🎥 Innovative No Code Solutions: Kyleigh's Story (link)

  • Video 🎥 Jotform announces Enterprise Professional services (link)

  • Video 🎥 A/B test results that doubled this SaaS revenue (link)

  • Video 🎥 Automate your website visitor outreach with a CRM (link)

Community Happenings 👥 

  • Introducing Merge: a community for web developers (link)

  • Office Hours this Friday at 9 am EST (link)

  • 👋🏻 Will — Bubble developer and founder of Talent as a Service platform from Portland (link)

  • Wix Studio’s new blog - FWD (link)

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