The question is not “If” to automate, but “How”

In the fast-paced digital age of 2023, automation has become an essential aspect of business operations, providing increased efficiency, productivity, and cost savings while shaping the future of work and job market dynamics.

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  • The question is not “if” to automate, but “how” (link)

  • Whalesync simplifies the process of syncing data between SaaS apps (link)

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  • [Video 🎥] Integrating OpenAI with Softr (link)

  • [Video 🎥] Building web apps like expert developers with WeWeb + Xano (link)

  • [Video 🎥] Navigating the API Jungle: A Guide to Platforms and Tools (link)

  • [Video 🎥] Using GPT-3 to automate your advanced workflows (link)

  • [Video 🎥] Notion 101 (link)

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