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Learn how to build a quiz app in FlutterFlow

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Byldd works with early-stage founders to help go from idea to revenue-generating business by building MSPs (minimum sellable products). We give founders all the resources they would need, from full-time full-stack developers all the way up to product managers and a CTO, so that they can maximize their chances of building an amazing product without breaking the bank.

Founders get access to top-tier experienced team members who have worked together and have chemistry, instead of having to project-manage a bunch of freelancers or limit themselves with no code tools. The founders we've worked with have been backed by YCombinator, Google, Cartier, and other top-tier investors. 

NCD picks ✍️

  • Build a Quiz app in FlutterFlow 👀 (link)

  • beehiiv raises $33 million in Series B funding (link)

  • Zapier AI Showcase - get inspired by AI workflows (link)

  • Apple’s Safari is getting new AI tools in iOS 18 and macOS 15 (link)

  • Just launched 🚀 Loom AI Workflows - Enhances your video and turns your script into a doc (link)

  • Tally releases “other” block option so respondents can enter their answers (link)

  • Adalo launches 150+ pre-built, responsive Sections (link)

Social Roundup 📲

  • Bardeen AI browser extension - trigger flows from your apps (link)

  • Build a directory powered by SEO template (link)

  • Zapier Central chatbot overview (link)

  • FlutterFlow new features: Adaptive Icon Support, Apple's privacy manifest, and more (link)

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Weglot is a simple, fast translation solution that both translates and displays the content of your website into more than 100 languages - without code!

Community Happenings 👥 

  • Wednesday Wins winner and new month kick-off! (link)

  • This tool lets you practice your sales pitch with AI (link)

  • 👋🏻 Karla - Digital product designer from Switzerland (link)

  • Looking for a side hustle business? (link)

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  • Webinar💻 How to automate & maximize lead generation (link)

  • Video 🎥 Softr tutorial for beginners (link)

  • Video 🎥 The journey behind “The Bubble Boys” (link)

  • Video 🎥 7 No-Code + AI Tools to kick start your business (link)

  • Webinar💻 Xano Introduction to Scaling Fundamentals (link)

  • Video 🎥 15 tools that can help solopreneurs save time & streamline their work (link)

  • Video 🎥 Build an AI real estate cold caller (link)

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  • Flux - Build stunning interactive websites with no code

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