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NCD picks ✍️

  • A new era of productivity is coming with monday.com AI assistant ☕ (link)

  • Tired of tab switching? Coda launches full-page embed (link)

  • [Just launched 🚀] Softr integration with Google Sheets (link)

  • AI has arrived for operators (link)

  • 10x the speed of your content ops (link)

  • [Just launched 🚀] Build deploy-ready Bubble.io pages in seconds with AI Copy (link)

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  • Bildr introduces Progressive Web Apps + more (link)

  • Bubble co-founder posts an update to workload (link)

  • No-Coding barriers with CloudOffix App Builder (link)

  • Experience the future of web development with WeWeb Copilot Beta (link)

  • How to manage content reviews in Airtable (link)

  • Add location features to your no-code app with a new integration from Glide (link)

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  • [Video 🎥] Editor X: Tabs with No Code (link)

  • [Video 🎥] Set editing permissions in your app with Action Buttons (link)

  • [Video 🎥] Getting started with Notion AI (link)

  • [Video 🎥] Using Record Templates in Airtable (link)

  • [Video 🎥] The 4 biggest myths about no-code SaaS (link)

  • [Video 🎥] Quest - convert Figma to React (link)

  • [Video 🎥] How to build a website in 2023 with no code (link)

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