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With Polytomic, you can can move data between anything without writing a single line of code.

Featured: Polytomic

Polytomic is a no-code platform that allows you to sync data between your databases, business systems, SaaS tools, CRMs, data warehouses, spreadsheets, and APIs. Sync within minutes and move data between anything without code.


  • Minimal API usage - no need to worry about API limits

  • You can define the data model of your choice using native SQL

  • Regardless of what your sources are, Polytomic can automatically figure out what records were changed or added since last sync

  • You can set a custom sync schedule

  • Combine multiple sources in one sync

  • Self-hosting option available

  • 40+ integrations

  • Detailed error notifications

Go check out Polytomic to learn more about features and explore use cases.

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From the NoCodeDevs Forum πŸ’¬

Codemap posted in the NCD forum today announcing their 2022 no-code market report. The industry report takes a deep look at no-code from the user's perspective and is based on aggregated real-world data from thousands of clients and experts on Codemap.

Head over to our forum to read more about the report, how they discovered that an in-depth understanding of how no-code and low-code tools are used in the real world is lacking, and who can benefit from this information.

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In this essay, James Currier discusses what he calls the next step in software: Generative Tech. This fast-moving sector is growing at an unreal pace, thanks to new quick and cheap AI models that can generate text and different medias that are not plagiarized.

This read deep dives into what generative tech is, valuation, the human-machine partnership, and the paring of AI with applications.

QuestAI just released a new feature. While in the editor you can press the new Preview button to see how your component will look in a live environment. preview lists, tooltips, all nested components, sample data, and more.

They also recently released support accessibility for all React components and pages built with Quest. This works on any layer you design in Figma as well as all MUI components they support.

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