Smarter no-code tools ⚡ + Glide announces $20M Series A

Featured Product: Blaze

Blaze is an easy to use, powerful, and secure no-code platform for teams to build internal tools.

All-in-one builder

With the all-in-one builder, you can create multiple apps that you can easily connect together.

  • Automatically bring in your data from multiple sources
  • Create interactive workflows
  • Digitize legacy processes

Security and Scalability

Blaze's system runs on SOC2 certified infrastructure. Connect multiple apps together and watch them communicate and update and sync data automatically, enabling your app to evolve and scale as your business grows.

Other great features

  • Variety of ready-to-go templates that are customizable, for things like customer onboarding, inventory management, and project management.
  • Drag-and-drop creator - add tables, external data, forms, and more - all with a simple click and without writing code.
  • Pre-built integrations - easily bring in external data
  • Bring in collaborators and manage user permissions

Sign up here and get 3 months of Blaze for free! ⚡

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Video Spotlight: Connect your Google Sheet to Editor X 💻

New tool of the week: Quixy 🔧

Quixy is a No-Code digital transformation software to help automate business processes & workflows and build enterprise applications 10X faster using 60% fewer resources.


  • No-code application development - easily create custom applications to support the company’s business processes.
  • Business process management - model, automate, monitor and optimize business processes and workflows for maximum value.
  • Digital workplace - automate, manage, optimize and track work across the organization on one digital platform.

Quixy is one platform with endless possibilities.

Daily Links 🔗

Exciting news for the #NoCode space! Glide raised $20M from Benchmark, to accelerate their mission of creating a billion new software developers. They also made major product announcements: Airtable and Excel support, new layouts and components for Glide Pages, a more discoverable Template Store, and all new Team Plans. So much to discover - check it out!

App development platform plans on expanding to new markets and upgrading its AI-driven platform with its recent fundraise. The company recently raised $100 million for its Series C round led by Insight Partners.

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