Process your visual data with AI πŸ“·

With Cameralyze, you can build your computer vision application with no-code.

Featured: Cameralyze

Cameralyze is a no-code AI app building platform. Whether you are a developer, data scientist, or are just getting started, you can create your AI solution with ready to use AI components and integrations that cut down tremendously on cost.

Cameralyze can be used for:

  • Workflow automation - automate your images, streams, videos and other visual docs

  • API service - get an AI backend service for your own application

  • Web/mobile - use for a web application and share with others


  • Face detection and recognition, face blurring

  • Content moderation

  • Demographic analysis

  • Object, text, and barcode detection

  • QR code reader

  • Image tagging

  • Smile detection and lip color changer

  • People counting application

  • Meeting room availability

Other features:

  • Share your application with collaborators and manage all permissions

  • 10k pre-built templates

  • Automatic load balancing and synchronization

  • Starter, growth, and enterprise plans

What we like about Cameralyze:

  • Free up-to 100 frames

  • Integrations with Google Sheets, Zapier, and more

  • AI Studio

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Video Spotlight: Super Power Airtable with Make Automations πŸ’»

Super Power Airtable with Make Automations | NoCodeDevs

Integromat has evolved into Make and has launched a new product. Check it out - Automation is the key to efficient systems and there's no better tool for automation than Make. ⚑ πŸ‘‡ Learn how to supercharge your Airtable data so that it moves automatically throughout your workflows! _________________________________________ Learn more at these links (may contain affiliate links): πŸ”— πŸ‘‡ Get one month of Make for free with 10,000 operations! Learn the basics of Airtable Automation! Take our free Airtable Crash Course! Getting Stuck? See how we can help! Get our Airtable Field Type download! _________________________________________ Table of Contents: πŸ“– πŸ‘‡ 00:00 - What this video covers 01:48 - Outlining the "Problem" 04:09 - Creating our Form and Data Structure 05:41 - Creating our Trigger in Make 08:02 - Testing our Trigger 09:35 - Searching for the Contact 10:33 - Writing a search formula 12:24 - Testing the Search Module 13:07 - Adding a Router 14:58 - Expanding Path #1 17:12 - Testing our Example Automation 18:48 - How to Get More Help! _________________________________________ Software Resources (may contain affiliate links): πŸ’» πŸ‘‡ Make - Airtable - _________________________________________ #GAPConsulting #NoCode #Make

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Dorik announced several new features today:

  • Filter in CMS custom collection

  • Post author data in CMS row

  • Real post preview in template design

  • 19 new templates

  • Version control

  • Single reference field type added to CMS custom collection

DoControl, an automated SaaS security company that recently had a $30M series B round, announced an expanded integration with Zoom to add another layer of data access security controls to protect sensitive audio, video, and text-based files. The partnership will allow the company to continue helping its customers to implement necessary security measures.

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