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With Flatlogic you can easily create full-stack React, Angular, and Vue web applications.

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Generate full-stack database-based (CRUD) React, Vue, and Angular apps in just three steps. Select stack and template, connect to Github, and deploy your app in minutes. With Flatlogic, you can save a ton on developmental costs, get high-quality front and back code, host your app in one click, and push to Github and download the code.

  • Flatlogic generates codebase of a full-stack web app. Front-end, back-end, and database are generated and connected with each other.

  • The code created by Flatlogic is covered by documentation and unit-tests.

  • Get a personal readme file that describes app structure and local installation steps.

  • Applications are hosted right after creation on the secure Flatlogic infrastructure.

  • The remote server is connected to your selected Github repository and to your app on the platform.

  • Flatlogic Github Bot pushes the initial code to the repository and further updates of dependencies and libraries.

  • Many use cases such as Web App Generator, Headless CMS, Admin Panel, and more

Get rolling in three steps:

  1. Choose a stack that you prefer and like to work with. They have a large collection of current web application technologies.

  2. Select a starter kit or template.

  3. Add custom entities, fields, and relationships between them to create the business logic and the application itself.

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Circle has added thirteen new features and improvements. Here's a snapshot of what's new:

  • Host unlimited members if you're on the Professional or Enterprise plan

  • Set up profanity filters to prevent spam and abuse

  • Offer free coupons

  • Add images and GIFs into your course lessons

  • Embed videos in your space lock screens

  • Schedule live streams and rooms in advance

  • Add a cover image to your homepage

Head to the community post to explore more updates and to learn more on the above.

Make announced yesterday the launch of OpenAI on Make. This enables you to unlock new and exciting ways of automating OpenAI workflows and drive your business agility. You can log in and get started now.

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