No-code toolkit for the Metaverse 🧰

GMetriXR is a no-code toolkit to create, publish, and track quality Metaverse apps.

Featured Product: GMetriXR

GMetriXR is a no-code toolkit to create, publish, and track quality Metaverse apps. Anyone can create and deploy metaverses in minutes, with auto-generated smart dashboards & analytics.

Key Features:

  • Interactive 3D - import from a huge library of assets
  • Built-in 360° panoramas
  • 360/2D/YouTube video formats
  • Geo-fencing - location based XR content
  • Mobile/PC + VR headset - content created once can run everywhere

What we like about GMetriXR:

  • They offer templates to get started and have content partners
  • You can run experiences offline
  • You can deploy metaverses in minutes (we built one in about 12 minutes! 😳 check it out here)
  • Awesome analytics
  • No coding required 👍

Featured Tweet 🐦

Video Spotlight: Editor X/Airtable Vid 3 - Creating your zap with Zapier 💻

Upcoming Event 📅 

May 18, 2022 - 12:00pm EST/6:00pm CEST

In this webinar, Javier Viñas—Growth Specialist at Make, will show you how to build a public site with some useful internal capabilities.   

With the rise of remote jobs across the globe, we thought of creating a website - so everyone can check on the latest remote offers - but also, building an internal portal - so HR professionals can track progress of their candidates.  

This use case is divided in 3 sections:   

  1. Database design will be created on Airtable. 
  2. Website layout, login pages and visibility rules will be done through
  3. Interoperability between apps plus some nifty automations will be built on Make.  

Daily Links 🔗

Learning how to build a website doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Don’t miss out on this five-part Mini-Bootcamp, hosted in partnership with Build a website in just a few bite-sized lessons — totally for free, delivered daily to your inbox. 

Daily Emails look like this 👉🏻 

  • Intuitive walkthrough videos <10 min
  • Project files and assets
  • Text transcript and notes

And you don't have to do it on your own 👉🏻 

  •  Private chat for fellow builders
  •  Exclusive access to team for questions/support

30 minutes a day for 5 days. You’ll leave the Bootcamp with a professional website and a strong web-building foundation. Registration is completely free. 

Maybe you’ve already heard the news about being closed down by the end of October 2022. Since this community is all about no-code solutions, chances are that this is affecting quite a few of you. Make (formerly Integromat) is now offering free plans to users.

All eligible customers can get 12 months free of a plan that best matches their current subscription on For all plan options, Make is also granting up to 10x more actions (or “operations” as they call them) per month compared to the equivalent plan in

With closing their doors, it couldn’t be a better time to make the switch to Make.

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