No-code task tracking + Quixy Webinar 🗓️

Quixy's upcoming webinar discusses how to govern and accelerate your Citizen Development Program

Featured: Quixy

No-Code Low-Code Citizen Development platforms have become a centerpiece in transforming digital business operations internally and externally alike. However, the adoption of these platform has been hampered by the realities of establishing and governing a high-performance citizen development program across organizations.

In this webinar, Forrester analyst Leslie Joseph will describe winning governance models for adoption, and provide insight into how to avoid the various real-world challenges to building and scaling a powerful citizen development initiative within your organization.

We will also be joined by Guruprasad Pammi, Customer Success Head at Quixy, who will share his insights on governance and best practices around Citizen Development from hundreds of implementations he has overseen over the last few years.

Key Takeaways - Learn about:

  1. Trends around adoption of citizen development programs in organizations of various sizes across various industries.
  2. The key challenges in building and scaling a powerful citizen development initiative.
  3. Winning citizen development governance models you can adopt based on your organization maturity model.

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Video Spotlight: Editor X/Airtable Vid 4 - Updating a record with Zapier 

Upcoming Event 📅 

May 18, 2022 - 12:00pm EST/6:00pm CEST

In this webinar, Javier Viñas—Growth Specialist at Make, will show you how to build a public site with some useful internal capabilities.   

With the rise of remote jobs across the globe, we thought of creating a website - so everyone can check on the latest remote offers - but also, building an internal portal - so HR professionals can track progress of their candidates.  

This use case is divided in 3 sections:   

  1. Database design will be created on Airtable. 
  2. Website layout, login pages and visibility rules will be done through
  3. Interoperability between apps plus some nifty automations will be built on Make.  

New tool of the week: TrackVia 🔧 

Track, plan, assign and automate all of your daily tasks with a secure, centralized workspace easily configured by you. TrackVia allows you to automate your tasks your way. 

Key features:

  • Monitor milestones, track costs, and analyze reports in real-time with all of your data from a single, centralized workspace
  • Connects with your existing tools through many integrations
  • Manage your tasks on any device at any time
  • Deploy an app in as little as a few days
  • New customers are paired with a dedicated solution consultant to ensure a successful start

Daily Links 🔗

WeWeb recently announced a multitude of new updates:

  • New native integration with Xano
  • Ability to group Collections/Workflows/Variables in folders
  • The "required" field is now bindable in most inputs
  • Added workflows to sections
  • New trigger for maps
  • Added current breakpoint in the data explorer of formulas
  • Copy/paste option for actions in workflows
  • Added "on backdrop click" trigger to the modal section
  • Added a "clear" button to the formula search input
  • Added the "event" variable template in most workflows
  • You can now sign up/login to WeWeb with Google credentials

Along with these updates, they also announced some bug fixes. WeWeb gives you the perfect trilogy of design freedom, backend freedom, and no code workflows.

CoverGo, a global enterprise no-code SAAS insurance platform, secured $15 million in Series A funding led by California-based SemperVirens VC with participation from U.S. venture capital firms SixThirty, Tribeca Early Stage Partners and Fresco Capital.

The new investment will help accelerate CoverGo’s international expansion, develop its partner network with consulting companies, and grow the sales and engineering teams in the U.S. and Asia-Pacific, according to a company press release.

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