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Switchboard is the first error monitoring and incident response platform for Zapier and Make

Featured: Switchboard

Switchboard is the first error monitoring and incident response platform for Zapier and Make (formerly Integromat). The platform boasts:

  • More uptime - Catch the errors that basic built-in monitoring tools miss and launch a rapid and accurate response to decrease downtime.
  • More confidence - When errors are resolved quickly, support sees fewer tickets, and engineering is left alone — you’re free to build.
  • More freedom - Scale no-code processes, products, and teams knowing Switchboard is monitoring your infrastructure 24/7/365.

Here's how switchboard works

  1. Connect - Connect Switchboard to Zapier and Make (formerly Integromat) in a couple of clicks. They securely authenticate with your accounts and process each workflow run, looking for errors and issues as soon as you've signed up. 
  2. Monitor - Pick which integrations you want to monitor. You’ll get an alert when workflows break, related apps go down, or when an authentication breaks.
  3. Escalate - For each workflow Switchboard monitors, you decide who needs to know about an incident, the types of incidents that require an alert, and which channel gets notified.
  4. Respond - Dig into the details of an incident, see a timeline, subscribe to and comment on an incident, and export reports to anyone who needs to see it.
  5. Track - Use your dashboard to track response time to issues and see how your automations are performing.

Earlier this week, Switchboard revealed a new infrastructure layer it has built for its platform and announced it closed a $4.5 million seed round led by Slow Ventures. To learn more about their plans for the future, check them out in VentureBeat.

Switchboard is currently taking applications for their beta!

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