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Sheetgo allows you to create custom workflows to collect, manage and share data — all from a spreadsheet.

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Sheetgo is a no-code automation tool for office teams. Create custom workflows to collect, manage and share data — all from a spreadsheet. 

Chances are you have been overloaded with loads of data and manual data entry. Instead of buying new SaaS tools, Sheetgo helps you automate with what you're already using every day: spreadsheets. 

Key features:

  • Connect and transform your files with powerful data processing. Automatically Split, Merge or Filter your data and control how it’s transferred without leaving the app.
  • Create custom forms with spreadsheet data and automate your inputting process. Receive real-time responses in your sheet and live insights in your dashboard.
  • Turn your data into hundreds of personalized documents in a matter of minutes. Convert to PDF for easy sharing and send custom emails in bulk with mail merge.
  • Keep others up-to-date by sharing your data with the Gmail integration. Make your workflows collaborative, schedule automatic updates and track your progress.

What we like about Sheetgo:

  • You can easily automate entire processes across teams, departments, or industries and manage your work all in one place
  • The tool gives users the freedom and flexibility to design a workflow to perfectly meet their needs
  • They believe in democratizing automation - allowing anyone, in any profession, to automate their work
  • Integrates with tools you're already using
  • Ready-made templates

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Kinetix has announced that they have secured $11M in a funding round. The funding will move the company towards its goal of humanizing the metaverse and defining the future of digital expression.

Kinetix is a no-code platform that allows Web3 and content creators to transform any video into 3D animated avatars. Anyone can generate fully featured 3D animations to share and integrate into virtual worlds, by uploading video clips into the Kinetix platform. 

Once video snippets are uploaded, creators can integrate assets from the Kinetix library, choose their design, and have a fully rendered 3D identity in minimal time.

DESelect has officially announced the launch of its new product, DESelect Connect. The app was designed to make it easy for marketers to integrate any data source into Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This new solution means marketers can connect e-commerce platforms like Shopify, content management systems like Magenta, or any other no-code content enabling solutions to SFMC.

With DESelect Connect, marketers can integrate any data source to SFMC using nothing but drag-and-drop features. 

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