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GM, happy Thursday! No-code is the superhero of app development, allowing mere mortals to create exceptional digital experiences with just a few clicks, saving the day and making work simpler.

Need better access to your data? Try Sourcetable 📈 

Sourcetable is a next-generation spreadsheet that combines the interface and formulas you know – spreadsheets – with the power and versatility of modern data analysis tools.

Designed for marketing, sales, and operations professionals looking to get more from their data, teams use Sourcetable for report automation, workflow optimization, analysis, and dashboarding purposes. Sourcetable syncs data from over 100 different applications, including Stripe, Shopify, Salesforce and MySQL, so you always know the live, up-to-date state of your business, without writing a line of code.

Sourcetable is offering a free two-week trial to all NoCodeDevs subscribers. Just mention NoCodeDevs when you request access on their website:

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