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Anytype is a next generation software that breaks down barriers between applications, and gives back privacy and data ownership to users.

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Cardstack opens the doors to Web3 for everyday people—so that anyone can build apps, create content and get paid in decentralized ways.

Figment helps you add website effects into your Figma designs such as videos, links, animations, and more. They then make it easy to publish or export your website’s code so that you can move faster with your projects.

Geneva is a free messaging app for groups and clubs. Stay more connected and organized with chat, events, video, and more.

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  • 5,000+ Members in 111+ Countries
  • 30% + industry-crushing daily open rate
  • 20% + click through rate
  • 50,000 + monthly inbox & website impressions
  • 1M + monthly twitter impressions

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