Your next Coke bottle may be powered by AI 🥤

Coke's latest campaign combines music and AI

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NCD picks ✍️

  • Coca-Cola is using an AI-powered instrument & app in their latest marketing campaign 🥤 (link)

Source: The Drum

  • The 3 Keys to bring your idea to market faster (link)

  • Figma’s Conference for People Who Build Products - early bird tickets now available (link)

  • Tines raises $50M to expand no-code automation tools (link)

  • Just launched 🚀 LangWatch - Understand, measure, and improve your LLMs (link)

  • New Make Academy course - API calls with HTTP modules (link)

  • Softr introduces BigQuery as a data source (link)

Social Roundup 📲

  • YouTube launches paid courses (link)

  • What’s new in - April (link)

  • Figma to Webflow Design System Sync can now support Rem and Em units for number variables (link)

  • Rows 3.0 - New integrations, functions, Chrome extension, and more (link)

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Community Happenings 👥 

  • Build in Public with Bubble webinar this Friday (link)

  • Vote for the next community Live Event (link)

  • 👋🏻 Mademba - AI marketer from Morocco (link)

  • NoCode Apps + APIs = Advanced Capabilities (link)

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Learn & level-up 🎓️

  • Webinar💻 Knowledge Sharing at Work (link)

  • Video 🎥 AI automated social media system (link)

  • Video 🎥 Build a game app in FlutterFlow (link)

  • Webinar💻 Live SEO Audit with SEJ: AI-assisted content (link)

  • Video 🎥 Create SVG Vector icons & logos with AI for web design (link)

  • Video 🎥 Use the most popular LLM models in the same chat with one tool (link)

  • Video 🎥 How to create an Automation Portfolio (link)

New Tools 🔧

Check out the latest tools added to our directory!
  • Nuxt Starter AI - Boilerplate that contains everything for developing your SaaS

  • Recurrr - Save time by sending recurring emails

  • AskThePDF - Ask any PDF questions

  • mindECHO - Seamless Full-Text Search in Bookmarks & Collections

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