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Programmers are constantly making things more complicated than they need to be BECAUSE FUTURE. Fuck the future. Program for today. --David Heinemeier Hansson

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Bringing your idea to life is easier with the right tools. Deploy it into reality with a few lines of code.

Create interactive experiences for your audience — get more responses. It's that simple. Try it FREE – no coding required.

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Fliplet is a prefab app builder, combining nocode ease of use with the power of open source extensibility. Its the perfect choice for app builders looking for full featured customisation and integrations. Which is why its popular with large businesses such as Colgate, Deloitte, Accenture, Freshfields and Marriott.

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Learn to make your own Instagram 🤳

In this tutorial we will show you how to make your own Instagram.

A great no-code tutorial on MakerPad:

These websites were built without code:

Curated list of tools and resources to build mini startups without code.

NoCode Jobs, Powered by NOCODERY:

I run Facebook ads that has a many chat bots activated that collects data that goes through Zapier to google sheets.  I am looking for someone to take it a step further and send out those leads on a rotation to my affiliates.  I am wanting to automate the entire process of generating the lead to the affiliate receiving the lead by email.

Hi there! We're looking for a Senior Customer Success Manager to join the Customer Success team at Zapier...

We are looking to have our own Real Estate CRM built for us. Below are the features and items we will need: Zapier integration would be ideal but not required...

We need a experienced Developer. We want to build a new "Task List" application for web and mobile. We have the outline for design and functionality and need someone to bring it to life. The functionality we are looking for is very basic and clean. No complicated integrations etc.

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