🚀 Live on ProductHunt: automate process documentation with Pages by Scribe

art west
May 11, 2022

Featured Product: Scribe 

Say goodbye to manually copy/pasting screenshots into a master document of processes. Pages allows you to instantly capture, organize and share processes into a single document. 

Help explain processes like:

  • New hire onboarding 
  • Customer trainings
  • Technology rollouts
  • ...and more!

Automatically generate step-by-step guides in seconds with Scribe. All you have to do is click record, walk through your process, and Scribe will create a guide with screenshots, clicks and text. Reduce the time you spend documenting and sharing processes by 93% with Scribe.

Step 1: Capture 

🎥  Record any process on web or desktop 

Step 2: Magic!

🪄  Your step-by-step guide is automatically generated with screenshots, text, and clicks

Step 3: Customize 

✍  Easily add edits and customization 

Step 4: Organize (New: Pages!)

📄  Create a single process guide with text, step-by-step guides, lists, and videos.

Step 5: Share

📬  Share your process guide with one click 

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