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Tines helps security-conscious companies automate their workflows.

Featured: Tines

Tines is a no-code automation platform for high-demand security teams. Tines lets you automate any manual workflow by dragging, dropping, and connecting a series of Actions (the sequence of steps that make up workflows) together in a story.


  • 2,000+ action templates

  • Ability to create your own private Action templates

  • Track Actions to see how they perform individually and within the context of the overall Story

  • Send to Story option allows your to reuse sets of Actions

  • Smart retries to deal with unexpected behavior in external tools

  • Action monitoring

  • Schedule when and how often a certain Story should run

  • Tines Tunnel - access your systems running on private networks from the Tines cloud

  • Three tiers of plans: Community, Starter, and Enterprise

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Video Spotlight: Build a CRM using Glide's latest features 💻

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Thursday,  November 3, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT

In this webinar, we will walk you through building apps with Sizze and publishing them directly to app marketplaces such as the App Store and Google Play!

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Bubble has introduced the Microsoft Clarity plugin for Bubble apps. Microsoft clarity is a free behavioral analytics tool. With this integration, users can get unlimited free heatmaps and 100,000 daily session recordings (and more). This plugin is available now on the Bubble plugin marketplace.

Adalo has released some product updates! Check out what's new:

  • Search and view all the apps on a team

  • Set spending limits - you can now set a spending limit for potential app action usage

  • New Google Sign-in component that allows different button designs for web and native apps

  • Option to disable instant navigation

  • Faster loading app analytics

  • Improved loading for extra large apps

  • Rebuilt CVS exports

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