Introducing Trends by NoCodeDevs πŸš€

Discover your next no-code app builder.

We're happy to introduce Trends by NoCodeDevs πŸ₯³

With so many tools to choose from, finding the best no-code app builder can be an overwhelming task. 

NoCode99 by Darren Alderman was created to make it easier for you to narrow down your options based on data and social proof. We knew instantly that our community could benefit from this information.

NCD has officially acquired NoCode99 and re-branded to Trends. πŸš€

Trends uses traffic analytics as social proof to show you what no-code app builders are currently the most popular. 

Platform leaderboard πŸ†

This is where you will see a ranking of the most popular tools based on web traffic and social proof. You can scroll through the list or search a tool by name.

Once you click through to a tool, you can view the traffic data points through the last six months. The rankings are currently updated once a month and all the data is pulled from SimilarWeb.

Fastest growing platforms πŸ“ˆ

Based off a percentage, you can see which tools are growing and at what rate. This section highlights tools with the fastest growth over the last six months. This data helps you see which tools you may want to keep an eye on. 

Similarly, you may want to know which tools are losing users. You can also access this information on Trends by NoCodeDevs. 

A look ahead πŸ‘€

The directory currently has a nice representation of no-code tools but we'd like to continue to add more tools in the near future as well as allow users to sort based on different categories, such as website builders or automation.

We know that making software decisions can be overwhelming and hard to navigate. We hope that you find Trends to be a helpful tool for your no-code journey!

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