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Featured Product: Noloco

Noloco is a no-code platform for teams to instantly create apps from their business data in Airtable, Google Sheets and spreadsheets. Noloco’s customers have created internal tools, customer-facing apps and custom software without writing a single line of code. 

Here’s a few highlights about Noloco:

🖥️  Instantly create apps around your data

Once you connect your data source, Noloco automatically builds an app for you around your data - including collection views, record views and forms. 

🔀  Fast syncing with Airtable - 

When your users update data from Noloco, it will be reflected instantly in your Airtable base.

If an update is made to your Airtable base directly (e.g. via an automation), the updated data should be reflected in Noloco in 0-2 minutes.

🎨  Easily control the design of your app - 

Choose between a range of pre-built layouts for your collection views (including tables, split view, cards and kanban boards). Simply toggle on and off what data gets displayed on each page. 

🔐  Keep tight control over user access levels -

Confidently share data with your teammates, customers or partners with user roles, collection filters, visibility settings & data permissions.

⚡  Save time with powerful workflows - 

With Workflows, you can automate the sending of emails whenever data is updated in your app. You can also trigger webhooks or use our Zapier integration to keep your other software tools in sync.

⏩  Move faster with action buttons - 

Add action buttons to your record pages and collection views to create records, update specific fields or trigger on-demand workflows with the click of a button.

Want to build a beautiful app from your business data? Start a free trial today.

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Thunkable announced this week that they closed their Series B funding round of $30 million.

Their goal is to make mobile app development accessible to everyone! With this latest round of funding, they're focusing on:

Growing the team - they're hiring across all teams. Apply for an open position here.

Expanding no code app creation capabilities - focusing on remaining product-first and expanding the functionality of their platform.

No code app creation help through two initiatives:

  • Thunkable Academy - end-to-end training and certification program open to an initial group of trial users to go through the program. Sign up here!
  • Thunkable Freelancer Network - launching this summer, the network will help pair your Thunkable skill set with companies and orgs in need of app development assistance. is an all-in-one solution to build sales funnels, webinars & memberships, run affiliate programs, send unlimited emails & sell physical products for an online business easily & accessibly.

They're a simple, affordable, and intuitive business building tool for anyone who is looking to grow their online business.

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  • 30% + industry-crushing daily open rate
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