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TeleportHQ is an all-in-one front-end design platform.

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TeleportHQ is a collaborative front-end platform with integrated UI development and content modeling tools. It's an ecosystem of tools that help you build, collaborate, and ship user interfaces fast.

  1. Import - convert your designs to websites, components, and interfaces instantly with Figma plugin

  2. Integrate - Create functionalities with front-end tools

  3. Customize - add custom code, create widgets, etc.

  4. Ship - Deploy, host your site for free, and more


  • Drag and drop editor

  • Define and re-use component libraries

  • Create content driven designs

  • Fully responsive static HTML websites

  • Share workspaces with teammates

  • Version control with GitHub

  • One-click hosting

  • Image optimization algorithm

  • Ready-made templates

  • Responsive media queries

  • Embed forms and videos

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Softr just announced new product and community updates. Here's what's new:

  • You can now redirect groups of users to different pages after sign in, sign up, and sign out from a single interface

  • Modals now support full screen

  • Google Sheets is coming as a data source - you can join the beta program now

The new Xano community is now live! You can expect faster tagging and searching for what you're trying to find. Also be sure to check out the All Things Front-End section, where you can ask questions and discuss your favorite no-code front-ends.

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