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Noodl is hybrid no-code/low-code platform for creating custom web apps and experiences.

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Noodl is a next-generation low-code platform that gives you and your team the power and flexibility to build fully custom applications at scale. Noodl enables designers, innovators, and developers to create powerful web apps with a low-code approach to visual programming. It is purpose-built to help explore and realize creative potential without limits. Noodl's low-code model is optimized for data-rich web app development, visualizing all data flows in real-time - while you are building.


  • Flexible UI Controls - All UI controls can be customized without design limits

  • Data flows are visualized live as you build or interact with your app

  • Include one-liners of Javascript where needed or import a whole Javascript library

  • You can use their SDK to build custom modules using Javascript/Typescript and React

  • Deploy your project to your own custom domain or use a Noodle Sandbox domain

  • Multiple dev environments

  • GIT-powered version control

  • Native database and backend require no setup

  • Many plugins to integrate with third-party services and APIs

  • Variety of expert service offerings

What we like about Noodl:

  • UI component kit

  • 4 plan levels

  • If you're a startup, you can get a dedicated startup advisor to help you launch

  • Lots of guides, videos, and example projects to help you get started

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Yesterday Airtable announced the Airtable Connected Apps Platform with new features that help your team build, connect, and share on the same platform so everyone can stay aligned and working together. With connection being key, the platform helps breakdown data silos to help make apps more secure and powerful. Here are some of the new and upcoming features:

  • Verified data (currently in development, available early 2023)

  • Data map (currently in development, available early 2023)

  • Two-way sync (available now for Enterprise, but will be more broadly available in early 2023)

  • Interface designer

  • Granular interface permissions

  • Apps by Airtable (early 2023)

  • New, redesigned homescreen (available to Enterprise, more broadly available soon)

Read more in-depth information over on the Airtable Blog.

Make recently announced their first-ever Customer Advisory Board. CAB members span various industries and business sizes, and will collaborate on topics like product vision, resources and tools for success. These experts will come together over the next year to discuss challenges and solutions to help Make create a better product and customer experience.

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