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Kissflow delivers the simplicity of no-code and the flexibility of low-code in one platform.

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Kissflow is a unified low-code no-code work platform for business users to create powerful apps, processes, or case boards that are natively integrated and flexible.

Kissflow no-code

  • Go live sooner with drag and drop

  • Enable teams to build secure apps on a unified platform

  • Manage technical debt with enterprise-grade security

  • Connect with third-party apps tp extend your capabilities

  • Connect data from source to destination and migrate it quickly

  • Create workflows with webhooks, triggers, and more

Kissflow low-code

  • Digitize operations

  • Design applications from scratch or use pre-built templates

  • Build pages with forms, widgets, analytics

  • Manage access permissions

  • Developer sandbox

  • Integrations with widely used ERP, CRM, and other core utility platforms

  • Bring your business and IT teams together

  • Streamline ad-hoc requests

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Video Spotlight: WhatsApp Automations with Make 💻

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Monday, December 12, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST

Dexter Dethmers, VP of Growth at Loot and former Director of Partnerships at Paypal & Honey shares key insights on how to grow your startup without breaking the bank. He'll review the macro environment, how to save while hiring, getting tasks done without breaking the bank and buying SaaS tools.

No-code special offers 💰

Bravo Studio is giving the first 50 users that sign up to their Business App a special offer - an exclusive Starter Pack with a Bravo specialist to get your no-code app up and running. This includes: a personalized onboarding workshop with a Bravo specialist, a training session where you can get setup with premium features, and a progress session.

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Coda has kicked off their "Feature Week" with ten features that can improve your day-to-day in the platform. Here's what's been announced so far:

  • Trigger an automation every time a form comes in or a row is created in a table

  • DuplicateRow() action

  • Bulk column duplication

  • The = key now opens button options in your table

  • Insert the most common reactions for upvoting

  • Move a row to the top or bottom of an unsorted table

  • Set defaults for things like font, alignment, and more in the New pages options

  • Easily clear text controls with a 'clear' button

  • Copy info from a People column without having to create a new column

  • Clear a formula without clearing the column data

More features will be announced via Twitter all week!

Adalo has 25 new premium components in the Adalo Component Marketplace. These include new list options, advanced notifications, interactive calendars, vertical video, and much more.

Users can now also discover new components with more ease, thanks to the addition of sorting and filtering in the in-editor Adalo Component Marketplace.

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