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Checkbox empowers you to automate processes & services without code

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Checkbox empowers users to create and deploy enterprise solutions in hours, not months. Build, customize and maintain your own apps cost-efficiently without relying on IT. Using drag and drop makes designing, building and deploying solutions quick and easy.

  • Document generation - create an intuitive, self-service tool to automate documents without code
  • Workflow automation - automate your workflows and eliminate tedious manual processes
  • Forms automation - capture all the information needed for workflows, decisions & documents
  • Decision automation - enable the digitization and automation of expert knowledge and processes
  • Data management - record, retrieve and update all your data in one place, using drag and drop

Make Your Services Self-serve

Launch self-service tools to provide 24/7 access for users whilst freeing up experts to focus on more high value work.  Drive efficiencies by enabling expert knowledge to be easily accessible by the entire organization.

Build decision automation on a single, powerful, no-code platform

  • Capture info from users using dynamic forms.
  • Design rules and decision-tree logic, including calculations and weighted scores
  • Approve or reject responses by using comments and centralized tracking
  • Automate processes including approvals, bulk processes, scheduled tasks & reminders

See how it works here!

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Hivebrite provides top organizations with all the tools they need to build, manage, and engage their community.

Customize the platform your way

  • Choose sign up mode, adapt member profiles to what you need, manage membership rights, align features with community needs, customize your branding

Hivebrite features a powerful administration dashboard

  • CRM management, analytics and reporting, content management, communication, event management, payments

Jotform announces Apple Pay and Google Pay directly on your forms as a standalone element. Through their integration with Square, both popular payment options appear on the finished form. You can find both payment options in the Form Builder by navigating to the payment section of the Form Elements list. Choose between Square or Stripe Checkout and ensure a seamless checkout process for your customers.

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