No-code browser automations 🐻

Drag and drop to create powerful browser automations that can be scheduled or triggered by events

Good Morning and Happy Thursday! Today’s issue is packed with more updates than your stocking on Christmas morning 🎅 

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Your First Draft, Fast

Looking for some words of inspiration to kickstart your creative process? Magic Write in Canva Docs is your very own AI text generator to help you get out a first draft, fast. Simply start with a prompt and watch as copy, blog outlines, lists, bio captions, content ideas, brainstorms, and more appear in seconds.

NCD picks ✍️

  • [Just launched 🚀] ChatGPT for every website (link)

  • JSON and XML: Which one is better for no-coders? (link)

  • The importance of usability and user experience in no-code software automation (link)

  • APIs at the speed of thought (link)

  • Easily automate browser tasks (link)

  • Create generative apps in minutes (link)

Tweet of the week 🐦️

Read this, not that 🧠

  • Turn records into templates you can use again and again, and more (link)

  • The No-Code Freelancer's Playbook (link)

  • 8 ways you haven’t used Editor X yet (link)

  • Bubble and AI: A symbiotic relationship (link)

  • OpenAI shares approach to AI safety (link)

  • 5 curation products acquired for 5-figures each (link)

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Learn & level-up 🎓️

  • [Video 🎥] New Zapier features: Tables, Interfaces, and Zapbots (link)

  • [Video 🎥] Build a no-code AI powered movie recommendation site (Airtable & (link)

  • [Video 🎥] ChatGPT plugins will revolutionize apps like nothing else (link)

  • [Video 🎥] How to connect Jotform with GPT-4 AI using Zapier (link)

  • [Video 🎥] Creating invoices from Airtable (link)

  • [Video 🎥] Choosing between Bubble, Webflow, or Wordpress for your no code app (link)

  • [Video 🎥] Building with no code and AI (link)

Further reading 👔

  • Retool Database is now generally available (link)

  • Apptile raises $2.5 million for its no-code platform (link)

  • Maximizing scalability in your application with microservices architecture (link)

  • He used GPT4 to build two new video games (link)

  • Baserow 1.16 release (link)

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