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With Knack, if you and your team can dream it, you can build it - without a single line of code. Because of its visual builder interface, robust security features, wide range of integrations, and the lowest total cost-per-app in the market, Knack is the one platform your business can’t afford to cut. Knack enables your front-line operations teams to rapidly design and deploy applications and workflows tailored to your specific needs - while also providing lightning-fast deployment times, shortened payback periods, and broad user adoption.

Whether you're a solopreneur, a small team, or a department within a larger enterprise, Knack simplifies the app-building process, making it accessible to all your problem solvers, without any limits imposed by traditional pay-per-user license fees. Say goodbye to high development costs or timelines and say hello to high-velocity innovation and productivity with Knack.

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Discover, share, and use templates created by users w/ Softr UniverseΒ (link) πŸ’«Β 

  • Top No-Code App Builders For 2023: A Comprehensive Review (link)

  • Best AI chatbots of 2023 (link)

  • Make’s AI era is coming - sign up now (link)

  • From 0 to Exit with No-Code (link)

  • AI-powered low codeΒ (link)

  • Build Powerful Data-Driven Dynamic Websites Without Coding (link)

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  • Build better communities with the power of AI in Circle (link)

  • Coda AI is your new AI work assistant (link)

  • [Just launched πŸš€] Supercharge your Webflow CMS on Rowy's Airtable-like UIΒ (link)

  • Zapier releases beta of App ExtensionsΒ (link)

  • 10 Best AI Content Writing Tools in 2023 (link)

  • Low-code API and workflow builder with an integrated Postgres DBΒ (link)

  • 6 ways to automate content marketing with JasperΒ (link)

  • The University of Kansas Researchers Claim 99% Accuracy Detecting ChatGPT Fakes (link)

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  • [Video πŸŽ₯] How to create a fully automated e-commerce store (link)

  • [Video πŸŽ₯] Building AI Apps With Google's ChatGPT (link)

  • [Video πŸŽ₯] From Figma to a 3D Web Page with Dora Plugin (link)

  • [Video πŸŽ₯] Google Sheets API: Import Data to Xano (link)

  • [Video πŸŽ₯] License Tracking Made Easy with Airtable (link)

  • [Video πŸŽ₯] Noloco 5 minute demo (link)

  • [Video πŸŽ₯] Top 5 No Code Apps 2023 (link)

  • [Video πŸŽ₯] Accept E-Check Payments With Jotform (link)

  • [Webinar πŸ’»] Successful strategies to adopt no-code in the workplace (link)

  • [Webinar πŸ’»] Zapathon: How to put AI to work (link)

Further reading πŸ‘”

  • AI at Zapier: 12 apps that will revolutionize the way you workΒ (link)

  • Spectrm brings conversational AI to messaging apps with its no-code platform (link)

  • Agility Launches New Google Analytics App for Seamless No-code Integration (link)

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  • Salesforce launches AI Cloud (link)

  • Start your next site with AI (link)

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