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Build & deploy backend in 3 steps. No more struggling with infrastructure provisioning, architecture planning, and complex CI/CD pipelines! With Deskree, you can create APIs, databases, User AUTH, Integrations and more in minutes. No Back-End or DevOps expertise needed.

NCD picks ✍️

  • [Just launched 🚀] Build professional web apps with no code and no limits (link)

  • [Webinar 💻] Embracing the future of coding: a conversation with Backendless and Thunkable (link)

  • Create AI Assistants in the amount of time it takes to make a cup of coffee (link)

  • Machine learning made easy. No coding required. (link)

  • Will AI replace low-code/no-code? (link)

  • Sendbird launches no-code chatbots powered by ChatGPT (link)

  • [Just launched 🚀] No-code Chrome web scraper (link)

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  • [Just launched 🚀] The intelligent CRM (link)

  • Take your AI research assistant with you wherever you go (link)

  • The great AI mismatch: How to make sure LLMs pay off (link)

  • OpenAI plugin in WeWeb (link)

  • How to automatically write social media posts with AI and Zapier (link)

  • [Just launched 🚀] AI debugging assistant to fix bugs faster (link)

  • Deliver applications faster (link)

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  • [Video 🎥] ChatGPT: Build an Airtable-powered blog for your webpage (link)

  • [Video 🎥] Editor X in 20 minutes (link)

  • [Video 🎥] Introducing the Metadata API (link)

  • [Video 🎥] 10x your Youtube views using AI (link)

  • [Video 🎥] Updating Airtable records with advanced Fill out forms (link)

  • [Video 🎥] 4 No-Code Mistakes Beginners Make (link)

  • [Webinar 💻] Introducing Google Sheets and Action Buttons w/ Softr (link)

Further reading 👔

  • Webflow performance improvements in the Designer (link)

  • ChatGPT vs. Low-Code/No-Code: which is right for you? (link)

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