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With Baserow, you can create your own online database without technical experience.

Featured: Baserow

Baserow is an open source no-code database and Airtable alternative. With this user-friendly no-code tool you can create your own online database without technical experience, and without leaving your browser.

What can you do with Baserow?

  • Manage large volumes of data

  • Collaborate in real-time amongst your teams

  • Easily integrate with other tools

  • Install your own server and data

  • Extend by building plugins


  • 50+ templates

  • Easy to use API with configurable token permissions and webhooks

  • Create and share views - Grid, Gallery, Form, Kanban

  • Filter, sort, search, and aggregations

  • Drag and drop ordering

  • Importing and exporting

  • Workspace user management

  • Works with PostgresSQL

  • Uses modern tools and frameworks like Docker, Django, Vue.js, and Nuxt.js

Baserow launched on Product Hunt today! Check them out.

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Thunkable recently introduced the Thunkable Creator Gallery - a gallery of apps created by their global community. With 3.2 million users, they wanted a place to showcase all of the apps that creators have built using the platform. You can search for an app by name or by category type. You can also submit your own app to be featured.

Make has introduced three new features:

  1. Scenario inputs - allows you to define your data structure and identify what inputs are necessary to execute a scenario

  2. On-demand scheduling - an effective way to manage and run your ad-hoc scenarios

  3. Running scenarios via API - call any scenario via an API endpoint to execute via an authorized API

You can learn more about the new features on Make via a guide and demo video.

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