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With Knack, if you and your team can dream it, you can build it - without a single line of code. Because of its visual builder interface, robust security features, wide range of integrations, and the lowest total cost-per-app in the market, Knack is the one platform your business can’t afford to cut. Knack enables your front-line operations teams to rapidly design and deploy applications and workflows tailored to your specific needs - while also providing lightning-fast deployment times, shortened payback periods, and broad user adoption.

Whether you're a solopreneur, a small team, or a department within a larger enterprise, Knack simplifies the app-building process, making it accessible to all your problem solvers, without any limits imposed by traditional pay-per-user license fees. Say goodbye to high development costs or timelines and say hello to high-velocity innovation and productivity with Knack.

NCD picks ✍️

  • Connect your Glide apps to the world w/ Actions and Integrations⚡️ (link)

  • [Just launched 🚀] Dorik 3.0: Build professional websites 10x cheaper without code (link)

  • Build React components visually with DevLink (link)

  • [Just launched 🚀] Convert napkin drawings into React components or apps w/ AI (link)

  • Supercharging the Retool Table (link)

  • Attend the first-ever Bubble Developer Summit (link)

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Read this, not that 🧠

  • Jedi-level developer to create quality websites 10x faster (link)

  • Track records across timelines, customize interface forms, and more with latest Airtable updates (link)

  • No-code AI automations on your data (link)

  • How to use Jasper AI as your writing assistant (link)

  • Appy Pie unveils free ChatGPT plugin (link)

  • 10 best AI tools for product managers in 2023 (link)

  • Adalo adds a new batch of design tools (link)

  • OpenAI’s plans according to Sam Altman (link)

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Learn & level-up 🎓️

  • [Video 🎥] Build a delivery app from scratch (link)

  • [Video 🎥] Automate data scraping with no code AI tool Axiom (link)

  • [Video 🎥] Mastering no-code process flows with monday.com (link)

  • [Video 🎥] Zapier Tables: build your no-code automations (link)

  • [Video 🎥] Building a SaaS that works for you (link)

  • [Video 🎥] Quest - the easiest way to build React Apps using AI (link)

  • [Webinar 💻] Transforming MedEd: Harnessing No-Code with WeWeb (link)

  • [E-book 📕] The high price of bad data (link)

Further reading 👔

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  • Hyro raises $20M for plug-and-play conversational AI platform (link)

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  • Phrasee introduces AI content engine (link)

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