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In today's edition: 

  • 📝 Build a blog from a Google doc
  • 🚀 Coda launches 3.0
  • 🤯 $600 coupon code + cheat sheet
  • Workflow automation tutorial

Challenge accepted, Google doc 2 blog

Last week, Jane from challenged us to replicate a tool that converts a Google Doc into a blog or website. For reference, she sent me this article as inspiration, which was nice. Of course, we accepted the challenge and converted our learnings into a video tutorial! So, if you are curious about how we did this, watch the video below! 👇

Coda drops a huge update

We love Coda, after all, we've built our no-code database in 1 day using Coda (with the help of Kenny Mendes). Even better, we run our entire business, including the scheduling and planning of this newsletter, using Coda. So yea, it's fair to say that we are super-fans.

Coda 3.o comes packed with new features like Page Layouts, Canvas Column Types, and a brand new Pack Studio (beta).

Here's the tl;dr:

  • A rebuilt Coda editor: This huge undertaking unlocks side-by-side content and brings pages into tables for the flexibility of a true all-in-one doc.
  • An open Packs platform: We’re inviting the maker community to develop and expand Coda with us.
  • A marketplace: The Gallery will have both free and paid offerings. To help makers build their businesses on Coda, we’re kicking off a series of investments: a revenue-share based affiliate program and a Maker Fund to get entrepreneurs off the ground.
  • Hundreds of your most requested updates: The details matter. From custom templates to dark mode to, of course, performance, we’ve shipped a steady stream of updates to level up the experience of working in Coda. 

If you are interested in the full announcement, you can find it here.

There's no such thing as a FREE lunch 🌮

It's true, to take full advantage of this fantastic offer from, you will have to sacrifice some time. (Hint: We think it's worth it) is giving NCD members $600, or 3 months free, of their Member Plan ($199/m). To redeem, sign up for FREE here and then email [email protected] the code "NOCODEDEVS"

As a bonus, you will get to meet Jane, who leads the community at

If you need some resources to get started with, we've got you covered. 👊 This cheat sheet will give you everything you need to know to get started in < 5 mins!

Zapier + Backendless = 🚀

Backendless gives you the ability to create incredibly complex software, such as your own CRM system. With the help of Zapier, you can easily automate that system to initiate specific actions based on activities performed in your application.

Pretty awesome, amiright?

Check out this tutorial and learn how you can integrate Zapier with Backendless to build an incredibly powerful office supply management application (complete with notifications).

Thanks, Backendless, these types of free tutorials are what make the no-code community so amazing.

That's all for today!

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