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Build your no-code SaaS front-end with Frontly.

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WIth Frontly, build your SaaS front-end with no coding required. Connect your data, build your interface, and launch your app all in a few hours. Frontly was built from the ground up for production-scale SaaS products, with flexibility and scalability at the center.

Launch SaaS products with your back-end of choice

You can launch a powerful app with all desired features whether you are using a spreadsheet or a REST API. Frontly offers pre-designed components to design your interface and connect with your data.

  • User management 

  • Dynamic data

  • Sorting and filtering

  • Secure user log-in

Solve real business challenges 

Clients and employees have a secure login to view and edit only the necessary data. You can pull data from multiple sheets into a single page or app.

  • Automate processes

  • Visualize data

  • Create custom dashboards

Other features:

  • Branding - add  your brand details and a custom domain

  • Custom actions - Set up chain actions

  • Trigger emails - send custom emails based on user actions

  • Memberships

  • Flex-based row/column system

  • Write custom components with HTML/CSS

  • All plans come with a 30-day free trial

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We're looking to speak with some of our members to gain feedback and discuss future offerings from NCD! We're opening up a handful of time slots for 15-minute product chats. 

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  • Input descriptions in Swagger documentation

  • All components of the luxon library are now supported in Lambdas

  • Bug fixes

Jotform has refreshed Jotform Approvals, a workflow management tool, after gaining feedback from users. Join them for their webinar today and discover 10 new features to streamline and automate your business. Webinar starts at 2:00pm EST/11am PDT.

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