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Featured Product: Acho

See how you can turn data into business processes and applications within minutes. From ERP to CRM, make your team's operation data-driven all without writing a single line of code.

Acho offers cloud-based database solutions such as data collection, data transformation, data modeling, data cleansing, warehousing, pipeline management, for CSV files, SQL/NoSQL databases, third-party applications, and APIs.

Data Extraction - Bring business data together from anywhere

Unify all your data in one hub with 30+ built-in data connectors, making them accessible for your whole team.

Data Modeling - Build data pipelines collaboratively

Support transforming data with no codes or SQL. Convert data models into a readable and collaborative format. Improve transparency and data literacy within your team.

Business Apps - Deliver powerful apps for your team

Create customized applications to meet team goals. With Business Apps, you can put spreadsheets, dashboards, or any apps together.

Workflow - Automate data workflow with 1 click

Use Workflow to automate the process from databases to BI tools, from apps to databases.

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Webinar Spotlight: Web3 workshop with Bildr 💻

New tool of the week: Noodl 🔧

Noodl is for product designers, developers and innovators going from experiment to MVP and beyond. Create apps fast with a visual approach to UI and logic.

  • Visual Data Flow - See how connectivity and data flows in a project real-time while building, making project collaboration and debugging much easier.
  • UI Component Kit - Start building immediately with pre-designed UI controls that can be easily customized to your needs.
  • Customize Everything - With advanced style and layout properties there are not limits to what you can build.

Noodl gives you the power to build your vision without code.

Daily Links 🔗

This course goes through how to connect your airtable base with your editor x collection automatically. We will walk you through, step by step, how to create this functionality with Zapier in easy to follow tutorials. Resources:

  • Video tutorials
  • Access to chat room to get support from tutors and other pupils
  • Access to airtable base
  • Access to copy of the zaps.

Predibot is a No-code AI Tool. Upload any data & start machine learning in minutes.

  • No data processing - Numerical, categorical and text-based features support. Almost no data preparation.
  • Browser-based & API - Use or optimize your model in any browser and use the model in your own software with the API.
  • AI tool - The algorithm used is fast, flexible and consistent.

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