Biggest SaaS opportunity in 2023

ChatGPT API + no-code tools can be your biggest SaaS opportunity in 2023

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SpeechEasy is a synthetic voice solution that lets users generate high-quality, easy to understand audio from text. It works across devices and platforms, providing support for desktop and mobile, with nearly a dozen high-quality synthetic voices to choose from. It is simple and intuitive to use, with a privacy first approach to protecting user information.

NCD picks ✍️

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  • How to integrate a FlutterFlow app with a Backendless backend (link)

  • Is overloading on apps draining productivity? (link)

  • How to use AI badly (link)

  • Generate and edit images with Open AI Dall-e 2, Airtable, and Make (link)

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  • POV: Tomorrow’s founders can’t code - and that’s OK (link)

  • Connecting ChatGPT and Directual scenarios (link)

  • Democratization of AI creates benefits and challenges (link)

  • Lottie for Bubble: Bringing animated interactivity to your no-code apps (link)

  • This no-code app expedited Turkey's earthquake rescue from half a world away (link)

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  • [Video 🎥] Biggest SaaS opportunity in 2023: ChatGPT API (link)

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  • Jitterbit jumps on no-code opportunity with Zudy acquisition (link)

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