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Ah, Halloween…

full of candy-high kids coming to your home requesting a sugar subsidy with their pillowcases in hand…

followed by the parents lurking at the end of your driveway praying for the night to end…

it really is…magical.

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NCD picks ✍️

  • Automate your social media posts with these workflows (link)

  • Revision your work with Monday’s annual Elevate23 conference (link)

  • Scan barcodes and QR codes with your Glide apps (link)

  • Microsoft rolls out Security Copilot - an AI assistant for security teams (link)

  • Just launched 🚀 LottieFiles for Canva (link)

  • Circle 2.0 arrives: new look, chat spaces, themes, and more (link)

  • Design, develop, and deploy apps with FlutterFlow for iPad (link)

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Social Roundup 📲

  • Elevate your mobile app prototyping game with Bravo Studio’s Analytics (link)

  • Create purpose-built audited contracts with Toolbox (link)

  • Scale your backend with Xano (link)

  • Summarize product reviews, emails, and responses with Rows (link)

  • FlutterFlows animated carousel widget (link)

New Tools 🔧

Check out the latest tools added to our directory!
  • WebWave AI — Generate websites with one click and change whatever you’d like

  • Scrupp — Chrome Extension that scrapes 2,500 LinkedIn profiles

  • Zelta — Web 3 cryptocurrency exchange with lower fees

  • VEED — Video editing tool that turns your content into viewer-friendly stories

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  • Video 🎥 Using Make to automate a daily podcast (link)

  • Video 🎥 Softr AI’s app generator walkthrough (link)

  • Video 🎥 Web Designing in VR - Meta Quest 3 (link)

  • Webinar💻 Building Automation-powered Apps in Zapier (link)

  • Video 🎥 Raise your rates with Relume’s AI site builder (link)

  • Video 🎥 Build a customer portal on Noloco with SmartSuite (link)

  • Video 🎥 Using AI automation to create 700 monetizable YouTube Shorts (link)

Community Happenings 👥

  • Join Merge - No code, low code, or all code – meet your people and stay on the dev pulse (link)

  • Office Hours this Friday at 9 am EST (link)

  • 👋🏻 Benoit — Framer builder from Miami/Montreal (link)

  • Top tips for Wix Studio beginners (link)

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