Automate at scale ⚖️ automates the building of websites at scale for marketplaces, platforms, and communities.

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Automate is the newest product brought to you by Instantly spin up hundreds of sites from any data source like Zapier, Google Sheets, Shopify, Notion, and even your own company or marketplace data. 🙌

Who uses automate?

  • Marketplaces Generate MILLIONS of new places for transactions to happen
  • Storefronts Multiply and manage storefronts at scale
  • Platforms Earn $250k+ a year by introducing websites as a product offering
  • Communities Highlight members with personalized experiences
  • Sales Teams Close more deals with automated prospect proposals partners with your company to create custom designs that are connected to your input data source.

From there, you manage everythingturn any data—from internal sources or customers— directly into a branded website.

Try it yourself with Automate Site Generator. Fill out a Google Form and spin up a site in ~5 seconds!

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Video Spotlight: Bravo Studio + Xano 💻 

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Thursday June 23, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT

Join Certified Expert, Darren Alderman, and learn how to build an app from scratch using Airtable. In this workshop:

  • Learn when and why to use Airtable as a data source for Glide
  • Discover how to easily connect Airtable and Glide
  • Watch Darren build a powerful, beautiful Glide App from Airtable in real-time, step by step. 

Got a burning question? We’ll also be doing Glide + Airtable Q&A live!

New tool of the week: Threado 🔧 

Threado is a command center for community tools. Activate members, provide blazing fast support, and automate workflows across community tools and platforms.

  • Personalize interactions at scale - send targeted messages to a custom cohort of members across channels.
  • Create member journeys - use the visual workflow builder
  • Many integrations with tools you're already using
  • Engagement - know who's most engaged and target specific segments
  • Support - search messages by keyword

Daily Links 🔗

Coda Co-Founder and CEO Shishir Mehrotra will be featured in LinkedIn's Product Management Learning Series this Friday, 6/24. He will be sharing his career journey (he was formerly an exec at YouTube and worked at Microsoft!) and discussing why product teams need rituals for growth.

Data Fetcher's no code integrations let you import Google Analytics data, Webflow CMS items, and much more. Here are the features:

  • Easy integrations - select an application, connect your account and import data in under a minute.
  • Manage everything in the Data Fetcher extension
  • Run custom API requests in Airtable
  • Keep your base up to date automatically by scheduling runs
  • Use table values in request
  • Post data to other platforms
  • Lots of helpful resources and support

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