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Decisions is a leading rules-driven, no-code process automation platform with a robust rules engine and thousands of built-in workflow steps. Quickly build applications, automate manual processes, eliminate info silos and make better decisions.

Decisions provides one no-code platform for all types of business processes. With their no-code visual designer you can deploy quickly and empower business users to manage their own processes. There are thousands of features built-in, ready to drag and drop and you’re done.

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Noloco is a no-code platform for teams to instantly create apps powered by their business data.

Instantly create customer portals, partner...

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Use data grids with an interactive schema to create your website data. Go beyond creating personalized data views, like Kanban, Cards, or Knowledgebase to drive your business to the next level.

Work together on the same project. Collaborate smartly: design, create and fine-tune content, seeing all changes in real-time. Handoff to your clients simply by adding them as collaborators.

Flow XO provides a user-friendly and feature-rich AI chatbot platform that allows anyone to build code-free online chatbots swiftly. Sign up now for free.

Some typical examples include:

  • Just for fun! Engage customers with light-hearted entertainment
  • Gather information and pre-filter leads
  • Switch between chatbot and live chat
  • Accept payments
  • Automate customer support

with just a single person in minutes. No highly technical skills. No backlog. No code!

Visual drag-and-drop UI builder

Design and test interfaces in real-time and style them according to a design system with a few clicks.

Actions and custom code

Without writing any code make your app change pages, save and load data, display a message, etc. Add custom code only if needed.

Database and API integrations

Abstra comes with a real database integrated out-of-the-box so you don’t need to setup anything else to start creating. Easily integrate with any API through REST or GraphQL or your own PostreSQL database.

Deploy instantly

With 1 click, you can deploy and host your app on AWS CDN. Cloud and on-premise.

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  • 4,900+ Members in 111+ Countries
  • 30% + industry-crushing daily open rate
  • 20% + click through rate
  • 50,000 + monthly inbox & website impressions
  • 1M + monthly twitter impressions

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