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Happy Thursday! I wish I could be wishing you a Happy Friday instead… but until then… here’s a jam-packed newsletter to take your mind off things!

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NCD picks ✍️

  • Create ANY web app with BuildShip and WeWeb💪 (link)

  • Google Cloud Next 2024 - a recap of Google’s commitment to generative AI (link)

  • Beehiiv reveals their brand new Website Builder (link)

  • 10 social media ads to inspire your next campaign (link)

  • Just launched 🚀 Supabase - Now Generally Available, spin up a complete backend in a weekend (link)

  • Marques Brownlee claims the Humane AI pin is the worst product he’s reviewed - X users debate the ethics of the review (link)

  • Figma releases variables for typography (link)

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Weglot is a simple, fast translation solution that both translates and displays the content of your website into more than 100 languages - without code!

Social Roundup 📲

  • Business tips from AppSumo’s Noah Kagan (link)

  • Glide + Make community challenge - win $500 (link)

  • Learn Toddle in just 7 days (link)

  • Create animation effects in Framer (link)

Community Happenings 👥 

  • Product Launchers Club - Learn to build or simply acquire micro side projects (link)

  • Looking for Bubble Devs that are good with APIs (link)

  • 👋🏻 Gabby - Small business owner from Hawai’i (link)

  • Our community hit 400 members! Join the conversation! (link)

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Learn & level-up 🎓️

  • Webinar💻 FlutterFlow Empowering Product Teams to Build Different (link)

  • Video 🎥 Create UGC ads with AI (link)

  • Video 🎥 Creating a Webflow portfolio site in one hour (link)

  • Webinar💻 Mastering User Permissions and Data Restrictions in Softr (link)

  • Video 🎥 Apple Developer channel - stay up to date with everything Apple tech (link)

  • Video 🎥 The AI content marketing playbook (link)

  • Video 🎥 How to build a LangChain app with no code (link)

New Tools 🔧

Check out the latest tools added to our directory!
  • DailyDev - Professional network for developers to learn, collaborate, and grow together

  • PowerImporter - Automates your Webflow CMS with your Airtable base

  • Addlly AI - AI content generation platform for SEO-optimized blogs, social media posts, and more

  • Mevrik - Omni-Channel engagement

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