AI skills to survive and thrive

Acquiring skills that complement AI models can be a good investment.

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NCD picks ✍️

  • Glide brings third-party integrations directly into your apps with Glide Actions (link)

  • Softr helps you take your app to the next level with the introduction of action buttons (link)

  • No-Code for entrepreneurs: a 12-step roadmap to high-income skills (link)

  • From 0 to 5-figure exit in 2 months with Bubble (link)

  • Airtable announces a refreshed home screen experience (link)

  • [Just launched πŸš€] Build storefronts that scale your business, no code required (link)

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  • 5 complementary AI skills to survive and thrive in the AI era (link)

  • FlutterFlow AI Gen launches at the end of March - join the waitlist now (link)

  • Top 10 SaaS No-Code Tools for 2023 (link)

  • How AI augments low-code/no-code tools to empower citizen developers (link)

  • Where the power of databases meets the power of Coda docs (link)

  • GitHub Copilot X: The AI-powered developer experience (link)

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  • [Video πŸŽ₯] Reacting to GPT-4's top 20 no-code tools (link)

  • [Video πŸŽ₯] Looping automation with Airtable (link)

  • [Video πŸŽ₯] Basic CSS concepts for no-coders & complete beginners (link)

  • [Video πŸŽ₯] How to embed AI into an automation with Make (link)

  • [Video πŸŽ₯] Coding won’t exist in 5 years? You might be right (link)

  • [Video πŸŽ₯] Build a micro SaaS using this no code tool (link)

Further reading πŸ‘”

  • Microsoft introduces Microsoft 365 Copilot (link)

  • Quixy releases 3.3, hosts upcoming webinar (link)

  • Latest version of Noodl launches on PH (link)

  • Low and no-code software may soon test the limits of IT hand-holding (link)

  • Ply comes out of stealth to announce its no-code customization platform (link)

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