Buckle up: a week of no-code launches

Big updates from Glide, Thunkable, and more

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GM and happy Thursday! We’re as excited about no-code as a kid in a candy store.

I tried a magic AI Avatars app built completely with no-code 🀯

Tech stack: Leap AI, Google Forms, Zapier, Sendgrid

The Leap AI + Zapier integration could make no-code take off πŸš€

See their guide on how to build a similar workflow.

NCD picks ✍️

  • Glide goes big with Glide Big Tables (link)

  • Overcoming the barriers of no-code adoption (link)

  • Why low-code/no-code tech is important in a competitive job market (link)

  • The importance of scalability in application development (link)

  • Thunkable Organizations takes a step forward in making no code mobile app development a team sport (link)

  • AppyPie introduces AI to app making (link)

Tweet of the week 🐦️

Read this, not that 🧠

  • 10 reasons no-code is better for app development (link)

  • 100+ SaaS marketing automation tools and software (link)

  • Bubble + Phyllo look to transform the creator economy (link)

  • 9 Best AI Automation Practices for Marketing and Sales (link)

  • Jotform announces the new Jotform Enterprise mobile app (link)

  • Three ways to manage collaboration in Airtable (link)

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Learn & level-up πŸŽ“οΈ

  • [Video πŸŽ₯] Create a Tweet automation tool from your blog post with Chat GPT, Airtable, and Zapier (link)

  • [Video πŸŽ₯] Build and sell your own universal website scraper with no-code (link)

  • [Video πŸŽ₯] Uncovering the potential danger of ChatGPT (link)

  • [Video πŸŽ₯] How to build an AI researcher without code (link)

  • [Video πŸŽ₯] I mastered ChatGPT to make money (link)

  • [Video πŸŽ₯] How To build a CRM like salesforce with no-code using Bubble (link)

  • [Webinar πŸ’»] Deep dive into the creative process w/ Editor X (link)

Further reading πŸ‘”

  • [Just launched πŸš€] A video link in bio for creators (link)

  • Reading and writing using Google Sheets with Flowlet (link)

  • How to stop data leaks in Slack and SaaS apps (link)

  • Productivity reimagined w/ ClickUp 3.0 (link)

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