Truly plug and play no-code auth 🤯


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The No-Code Roundup
Truly plug and play no-code auth 🤯
By NoCodeDevs • Issue #283 • View online

Hey NoCoders!
It’s Magic — the no code, passwordless auth solution your Twitter friends have been talking about. 
We recently held our very first community challenge — and guess what it was about? That’s right, #nocode! 
Magic’s 1st Community Challenge
Community members were invited to build a simple onboarding page using our no-code Login Form.
We had two standout submissions immediately after the announcement!
How to use Magic #nocode auth
Want to know how quick and easy you can add the Magic Login Form to your website? 👇
Just copy-paste 2 script tags:
That’s it! Here’s a demo
Try Magic Login Form
If you need more reasons to get started, here’s a testimonial from Adam, the winner of the challenge (as voted by the Magic Community):
“Love how much cleaner [Magic Login Form] made this project!”
Ready to clean up your project’s source code?
Try Magic today, and you’ll get 10,000 free logins off the bat.
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