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The only software your need to launch your SaaSđź’°

The only software your need to launch your SaaSđź’°
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Less software, Better alignment, Lower overhead
Start-ups are hard enough as it is. You end up writing a significant amount of code that’s not your core product and you integrate a handful of software tools. You’re logging into your CRM for sales, your help desk for customer service, and Stripe every time you want to change your pricing. Context on the customer is invariably lost and incomplete.
But when you launch your start-up with Outseta, you’re able to get your product to market faster. You manage your entire business from behind the same login, your team is aligned, and you can easily see the big picture. A sense of calm washes over you—that’s what far less technical and financial overhead feels like.
1. Billing
Launch Stripe billing on your site in minutes
Connect Outseta to your Stripe account with one click, then manage all aspects of your pricing strategy from Outseta. No extra code, no tugging on the sleeves of your developers.
2. CRM
Better understand your customers
Effortlessly maintain account records that include a complete history of all contact information, email communications, customer support requests, and billing activity. No integration required. Sign up for FREE.
3. Email Marketing
Automated drip campaigns
Send an automated series of emails to any segment of prospects of customers. Trigger emails when someone subscribes to a list, joins a segment, or performs a custom activity. Watch the demo.
4. Authentication
Registration.Authentication.User profiles.
Why waste time building your own auth? Every subscription business needs to build a way for users to sign-up, login, and manage their subscription and billing information. It’s not core product—so why reinvent the wheel?
Outseta’s sign-up and login embeds are small code snippets that can be dropped into your website or integrated with your product in minutes. Allow users to authenticate with a verified email address and password—or their Google account.
5. Help Desk
Receive, route, and respond to customer support tickets
Assign tickets, add notes, and respond to support tickets from within Outseta. Route emails sent to your custom email address to a shared email inbox. Tickets are created when new emails are received.
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