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Build a six-figure income with AI and Twitter 🐦

Build a six-figure income with AI and Twitter 🐦
By NoCodeDevs • Issue #280 • View online
You could beat them.
You know… The “big guys”.
The guys that drive traffic with one tweet. That grow with info that’s common sense to you. And sadly, they get more exposure because they know about this and you don’t.
We’ve been using this secret at NoCodeDevs for 60 days and our engagement, impressions, and sales have been skyrocketing!🚀
Here’s how we do it 👇

Grow a high-quality Twitter audience. Fast.
Tell me more...
Twitter is just saying 1 thing, 1000 different ways.
Why would these content pillars consistently outperform other topics?
Copywriting, Persuasion,  Mental models, Differentiation, Metaphors,  Stories, and Business models
The System Is Wrong
College, Schools, Nutrition, Government, Working a Job, Raising Children, “Normie” behavior
Audience Building
Twitter, Writing, Leverage, Connections, DMs, Partnerships, Digital assets
Their AI has been working day and night for months. Collecting data on:
❓Which tweets get engagement?
❓How do we make sure every tweet is different?
❓What’s the best time to post?
❓How do we make sure all tweets are quality?
❓How can I write one?
And you get a million of those with TweetHunter!
🔑 The Math Behind A Six Figure Twitter Account:
Did you know that you can make 3x your email subs a month?
So if you have 2,778 emails subs,
You’re sitting on a $8,333/mo business
AKA you have a Six Figure Twitter Account (Congratulations!)
But getting emails is getting harder every day.
A link in bio won’t cut it. People don’t trust those anymore.
You need to fish where the fish are.
What do people do when a tweet goes viral?
The same thing they do when they mindlessly watch a YouTube video:
Read the comments.
Plugging in your offer below your own viral tweets GUARANTEES impressions on anything you post.
Email list, product, affiliates, you name it… They’ll convert.
Careful though:
Do it too early and your tweet goes nowhere.
Do it too late and your email list won’t grow.
But do it right and your list will soon be full of loyal subs ready to buy your amazing products:
And once your tweet reaches a certain number of likes, they will introduce people to your offers:
If you think Twitter is easy, you’re right.
But working as much as you do and not getting the results you deserve is hard.
Growing at the same pace as you did 3 months ago,
Not getting the influence people with less experience than you have.
Wondering why everyone gets great engagement except for you.
There IS a better way.
You don’t need to be the next Silicon Valley Investor
Or have a 7 Figure Agency.
And you certainly don’t need to spend a mini-fortune (or anything, for that matter) on retweets.
If you’re ok with not getting paid from your hard work, this is not for you.
But if you’re ready to turn your Twitter account into a Twitter business, welcome.
That’s what they do at Tweet Hunter:
We get you the sales, followers, engagement and email subs you deserve.
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